Your Next Bike Trek Begins Here

Dreaming of a springtime bike adventure is wonderful. Planning a springtime bike adventure can be a bit of a conundrum.

While all cars can be outfitted with a bike rack, most vehicles have specific requirements and connectors.

“Every year I get calls from drivers who lost their bikes on the freeway,” said Kellen Pagel, the rack category manager at Saris, a Wisconsin-based bike hitch manufacturer. “First thing I ask: Did you follow the installation instructions?”

Pagel had the following recommendations when purchasing a bike rack:

  • Choose a bike rack fitted to your specific vehicle. Check the “fit guide” either online or in the retail store.
  • Trunk racks are an inexpensive way to transport bikes and fit almost any type of car without a hitch.
  • Determine how many bikes you intend to carry. Sometimes the weight limit is a total of all bikes being transported; other times weight limits are shown per bike.
  • Hitch racks are designed to carry multiple bikes and do not allow bikes to come in contact with each other. They usually have optional accessories to prevent theft.
  • eBikes require racks that can support their weight. Make sure to review product guidelines.
  • Some drivers prefer a roof rack to get quick access to the trunk cargo. They may cause more wind resistance and lower fuel economy, however.