Road Trip Take-alongs Help Improve Your Drive

Fun in the sun
Fun in the sun

Been a while since your family has packed the car for the open road?

Take a moment to re-acquaint yourself with essential goods as your family prepares for some outdoor adventure.

Cool Accessories For A Hot Summer Drive

Windshield sun shades: A windshield shade keeps your vehicle cool and protects the dash from harmful UV rays. It unfurls quickly and folds up nicely.

Side window shades: A side window shade can give passengers a more pleasant ride (read: less complaining from the “crew”).

Summer wiper blades: Winter weather takes a toll on wiper blades. Fresh blades help improve visibility and prevent streaking.

All-weather floor mats: Make sure to get ones fitted specifically for your vehicle. Ill-fitting mats can become a driving hazard by getting in the way of brake and gas pedals.

Cargo organizer: Save time and frustration when you need to find something quickly. Inexpensive and fold when not in use.

Road Emergency Kit: Remember important items such as LED Flashlight, extra batteries, reflector signs, pair of inexpensive gloves for changing tires.

Pet Harness: Keep your pet confined in the event of an accident. Avoid letting pets sit up front-- airbags can cause severe injury.

Collapsible Pet Water Bowls: Collapsible water bowls are a convenient way to slake your pet’s thirst at freeway rest areas and while hiking.